Our Leadership

ALOK SARKAR (Chief Executive Officer)

Alok Sarkar is the Chief Executive Officer of Ajitaaksh Ventures Private Limited. With an illustrious experience of 21 years in the Government Sector, he has a proven record of achieving growth within start-up and rapidly changing environments. Since the inception of the company, he has extensively worked in crafting strategies, solutions, and creating scope for skill development opportunities towards making Ajitaaksh one of the fastest growing skill development companies in the entire North East. With a vision of strengthening the path of the Skill Ecosystem, he thrives to play a formative role in the upliftment of society and the under-privileged sections at large.

He leads from the front, from planning, execution, and administration to analysis and guidance on strategy and policy issues, and monitoring of operational plans.

Under his guidance, the company has received awards and accolades from the Government and as well as Private agencies. Ajitaaksh has been awarded the 1st prize for Best Training Partner Infrastructure, 2nd prize for best training partner placement and 1st prize for Best Training Partner by Assam Skill Development Mission in the year 2021. Ajitaaksh has also received recognition for its contribution to the skill development domain by Times Stellar and Icon in the year 2020 and Times Business Award in the year 2019.

Anita Sarkar (Director)

With more than 6 years of experience in the Skill ecosystem, Anita Sarkar has been actively working for various social causes, bridging the gap in society through various initiatives on education, healthcare, livelihood, and capacity-building. Her role involves developing a strong public narrative and support for underprivileged sections, driven by campaigns, enabled by the company and working towards strengthening the governance and policies of the organization.
With her excellent charisma and dynamic personality, she creates a positive work environment by providing guidance and motivation to drive maximum performance.

Amarjyoti Khanikar (Director)

Amarjyoti Khanikar is the Director and one of the founding members of Ajitaaksh Ventures Private Limited. He has been actively working towards creating a skilled space for all the sections of the society specifically youths of Northeast India, to realise their dreams by providing them opportunities for better tomorrow.

With more than 7 years of professional experience in developing and executing the company's business and strategies, Amarjyoti Khanikar has been instrumental in the execution of various initiatives of the organization.

He is actively leading the structuring and scaling up of the organization since its establishment. He has been looking after the company's financial performance, investments, and other business ventures. Under his guidance, the company has been successful in cost-effective operations and market development activities.