School Renovations

1112 No Nannattari LP School

Education breeds confidence. And one gains confident when he is comfortable with his situation of living. 1112 No Nannattari LP School was established in the year of 1945 when the whole nation was breathing the essence of independence and has been standing tall and strong since then. Knowledge can be gained anywhere but a right place does make a difference. As we know a child’s brain is always in search of things that can woo him even a proper desk and bench in the classroom can make a difference. After our trainees completed the work, a new spirit was definitely added to this school.

Head Name : Akan Ch.Talukdar.
Location : Tihu.

124 No.Tarani LP School

Established in the year 1912, 124 Tarani Prathmik Vidyalaya, in Tarani Rangia has been shaping young minds since the last 106 years. But this institution failed to provide one of the most basic element of education; suitable infrastructure. The students struggled in the scorching heat and rain pouring down from lit rooftops along with improper sanitation. But Ajitaaksh Ventures reached out to this center of learning, renovating the whole school with proper infrastructure and sanitation facility with the active cooperation of the trainees of Skill Development Training of Department of Labour Welfare and Assam Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board, Government of Assam, who also had a firsthand experience on practical learning of this training for Skill Development, imparted by Ajitaaksh.

Head Name : Sri Dharanidhar Kalita
Location : Rangia.

Barbang LP School.

Providing a healthy and safe learning environment while school is in session  remains a core component for all educational institutions. Renovation of Barbang L. P. School of Pathsala was the next task taken up by the company where instilling a positive ambience remained a priority. This 1933 establishment has been the sole light of hope in the lives of people around it since the first day. But it was now time for Barbang to discard its tattered veil and step into the light of modernization as our trainees painted a new life to it. This piece of work was indeed very special to our trainees as many of them are also the past outs of this school.

Head Name : Urmila Patgiri
Location : Pathsala.

Dainijan L.P. School

Schools, being the second home, serve a number of purposes in a child's life. From boosting their confidence to making them learn the importance of team work and socialization, schools do it all. Away from home, schools become the place for children to spend their maximum time. Kids are sent to school considering the fact that there is an experienced hand to guide them and also a safe environment promoting growth.  We also accept the fact that infrastructure plays a budding hand in creating a favorable environment for a child's growth. Hence the company is indeed very proud to have changed the overall look of this school by renovating the whole structure. Established in the year of independence, Dainijan L.P. School of Jamirah has educational facility till the 4th Grade.

Head Name : Mrs. Anjali Sonowal
Location : Jamirah

Hirapara MV School

Hirapara M. V. School of Kharupetia was established in the year 1941. This 78 years old establishment today caters to a group of 29 students and is currently being headed by Mr. Surujuddin Ahmed. This school runs on a small yet phenomenal group of people however sadly its foundation was slowly breaking down. The doors were hanging loose while the window panes failed to survive a single stormy day. The company decided to take up this challenge in awe of how consistently this institution has been working towards the development of its students. We hope that after this renovation, more children will be pulled towards this school.

Head Name : Surujuddin Ahmed
Location : Kharupetia

Kachari Pather High School

Kachari Pather High School of Duliajan was established in the year of 1970 which on today’s date caters education to more than 320 students. When you undertake a school renovation project or upgrade an existing building you want to ensure it will not only enhance school facilities but also students academic performance.  The renovation of this educational institution involved some masonry work along with painting the whole establishment. One always should keep in mind a simple fact that good school interior design is the key factor in improving the overall wellbeing and academic improvement of pupil. After all school is a building with four walls with future inside, and we are indeed very proud to have secured the walls with strength.

Head Name : Mr. Ratul Mech
Location : Duliajan

Sankardev High School

Sankardev High School is another school that was selected under our Simla Skill Training Centre of Assam Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board, Labour Welfare Department, Govt. of Assam. This school was set up in the year of 1989 and is currently being led by Mr. Akshay Kr. Talukdar. They provide educational facilities till the third grade and the students are mostly residents of Simla. This school involved major work on the walls and keeping a smoother educational process in mind, some carpentry work has also been done. Some benches and desks have been made along with several cupboards for the teachers. The company is hopeful that this contribution will help in the overall growth of the school.

Head Name : Mr. Akshay Kr.Talukdar.
Location : Simla.

Sankardev Sishu Niketan

Sankardev Sishu Niketan of Mushalpur was set up in the year of 1996 under the guidance of Mrs Jayanti Devi who was also its first principal. The school’s current strength is a total of 90 with classes available till the third grade. Our trainees have completely renovated the whole school starting from the classroom walls to the floors. With Mrs Himani Goswami as the current school head, this institution is also a loud and clear living example of what an educated woman is capable of. Standing tall and proud in a nation where even in the 21st century, girls are looked down to nothing more than mere child bearers, this school lights the path to sanity for that mentality.


Head Name : Mrs.Himani Goswami
Location : Mushalpur

Sankardev Sishu Niketan

Established in the year of 1988, Sankardev Sishu Niketan has shapped thousands of nascent minds since then. Today this institution provides education to more than 150 students in and around Dhaligaon. It is said that only books do not educate a child, even his surrounding does. Hence it is important to provide the children an infrastructure that is capable enough to hold their mind in a room as the teaching continues class by class. However, these children were deprived of this essence till matters were taken in hand by Ajitaaksh.  Apart from painting the whole establishment, the walls also needed repairing here. The overall work was completed only with a touch of some carpentry magic.

Head Name : Abul Hanifa
Location : Dhaligaon

Sankardev Sishu Niketan.

Mangaldoi’s Sankardev Sishu Niketan was a relatively new establishment choosen by the company with its foundation year being 2012. This school is currently being headed by Shri Ganesh Boro. With a total capacity of 62 students, this establishment definitely breeds on confidence and hard work. One can always see the craving for a better future in the eyes of these tots.  Before our trainees first touched the school, the students had a real tough time during the school hours without proper sanitation and ventilation. We took the initiative to fully construct this school with adequate infrastructure that will contribute to a smoother learning process.

Head Name : Sri Ganesh Boro
Location : Mangaldoi

Sri Sankardev Vidya Niketan

Sankardev Vidya Niketan has been imparting education in Thana Chariali since the year of 1991. But even with strength of 520 students, the condition in which the students had to attend the classes was simply heartbreaking. As our company took up this initiative, the aim was not only the renovation but also to be able to present a self-standing institution. Our trainees who are also the registered construction workers of Assam Building and Other Construction Worker’s Welfare Board, Labour Welfare Department, Govt. of Assam have put in a lot of effort under the guidance of our faculties to renovate the classrooms, corridors and even the toilets. The best result is still the state of contentment that we could bestow upon the children.

Head Name : Mrs. Alpana Borborah Sarma
Location : Thana Chariali